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Claim a J-Rock bitch

Slutty, femme, uke, seme, you pick...

Claim a J-Rock Bitch
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Thank you for helping this community grow!

Irasshai, minna-san, to claim_a_jbitch.

Created in: November 2004
Maintained by: khaotic_kozi
Current layout: Created in June 2006 by khaotic_kozi.
Featuring: Kamijo (LAREINE)

Since this is a claiming community, there are some rules that should be observed.
Read carefully because if you don't follow them you'll be warned only once. Break them again and you'll be banned. I'm not trying to be bitchy, but after all, rules are rules and they're posted here for a reason.

1. This is a members-only community, which means you must join before you claim anything, or anyone rather.

2. Like the name of the community states, you may only claim Japanese bitches. No Korean, no Chinese, etc.

3. All members get to claim THREE bitches. You can earn extra claims, though, by making community banners, icons, or contribute in any other way.

4. When claiming someone, please state which band they're from, or if he/she's a solo artist.

5. Arists who were once a part of a band, but are now solo or part of another one count as different people.

6. Please go through the claims list first to make sure your bitch hasn't already been claimed. Bitches cannot be shared. They can be exchanged, or dropped, however.

7. All claims must be stated in the community. Use a new entry for that, do not comment on existing entries (unless otherwise specified by the mod herself). All claims stated through a comment do not count. Keep in mind the mod doesn't always read ALL the comments, and neither do the members.

8. If you want, you can make a banner for your claims, and post it on your lj userinfo. The code is provided below, for your convenience.


If you wish to affiliate with claim_a_jbitch, please make a new post stating so, or contact the webmistress directly.

Let your friends know about the community! You may use any of the following banners to put in your userinfo.


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